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With Oklahoma’s unpredictable weather, you may find yourself wishing for a garage to protect your precious wheels. If you don’t plan on staying in Oklahoma, though, it may seem wasteful to spend a small fortune on building a garage. Instead of creating elaborate plans to drive your car to the nearest Sonic for the overhang during the storm, bring safety to you: a spacious, storage-friendly, affordable option that’s sturdy enough to withstand Oklahoma wind can be found in the form of a carport.

Still not convinced? Here are seven reasons to change your mind.

Protect Your Vehicle

There aren’t many things more frustrating than being late for work due to a last-minute Oklahoma snowstorm. Instead of trying to predict the weather to allow time to scrape ice off your windshield in April, prevent the weather from getting to you. An overhead carport will keep the ice off your windshield in April, and the sun from damaging your car’s paint in August. The sturdiness of a carport can withstand whatever Oklahoma throws at it, all while keeping your car safe.

Store Seasonal Items

Your RV, boat, and 4-wheeler provide hours of entertainment every year, but often they’re too tall to fit safely inside a garage. Don’t leave them out in the weather–protect them under a carport during the off-season so that they’re ready to entertain you when you’re ready to use them again.

Additionally, a fully enclosed carport makes the perfect storage spot for seasonal décor items, sports equipment, or backyard tools. When left to their own devices, these items somehow manage to clutter the basement, attic, or backyard. Create a tidy appearance inside and outside your home when you use a carport for seasonal storage.

Expand Your Outdoor Living Area

A lush backyard welcomes you to relax with friends during cookouts or work off stress in the garden. Who wouldn’t like more room to entertain guests and keep them protected from the sun and rain? Expand your outdoor living space with a carport by placing your picnic table, a few chairs, and even DJ equipment under the carport, and entertain in style.

Your carport also provides the perfect spot for a relaxing moment. Plop yourself into a lawn chair, and enjoy morning coffee, work from home, or watch an evening storm roll in. The carport’s protective shade keeps the sun off your back, while the open sides allow cool breezes to keep you comfortable outdoors.

Maximize Compact Space

Particularly if you don’t have much spare space on your property, consider a compact carport. An attached or lean-to style conserves space while providing you with all the carport benefits you need. Additionally, a carport with a single slope meets your needs for extra storage space while resting adjacent to the house. Choose a finish that blends into your existing home, and adds value to your property without losing valuable space.

Install With Ease

To build a garage, you’ll need permits, an architect, materials, and plenty of space. Alternatively, a carport assembles quickly and easily. You can have the extra space you need within hours rather than weeks or months. Don’t wait to protect your valuable vehicle since you can easily install a carport today.

Save Money

A new garage requires a financial investment of thousands of dollars, and self-storage units cost upwards of a thousand dollars per year. Carports save you money: you won’t need to empty your savings account, take out a loan, or wait for years to afford a protective storage space on your property. With a carport, you receive almost all the benefits of a garage at a fraction of the cost.

Provide Portability

Choose to assemble your carport beside your home today or in your backyard next week. You don’t have that versatility with a garage or shed. Shelter your RV in the winter, and use your carport for backyard barbecue shelter in the summer, all thanks to its portability.

With such a wide variety of uses and benefits, carports simply make sense as a wise investment. Protect your wheels and entertainment from the weather without draining your budget by installing a carport.