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There are few things as comforting or welcoming as a warm fire, so it’s easy to see why fire pits are becoming a popular item for patio decor. No matter the size of your yard or the design of your patio, a fire pit is a great addition to add coziness and comfort to your backyard space. Who doesn’t love a good s’more?

Before you begin, it’s recommended that you thoroughly research your city’s fire code and ordinances before continuing. Once you know the restrictions in your area, you’ll have a better idea of what kind of fire pit is right for your patio.

Go Big or Go Home?

For patios that can accommodate larger fire pits, you are only limited by your imagination. Depending on the type of theme your patio has, you may adjust a variety of factors on your fire pit to ensure it fits right in and stands out in all of the best ways. Things to consider include:

  • Building Materials are probably the most important consideration to ensure your fire pit sticks to the theme of your patio design. For nature-friendly patios, stone and rock fire pits keep the natural feel but bring in warmth. A more unique take could be investing in a fire urn, or even a recessed fire pit that rests at ground-level. Recycle industrial materials to create a new look for old materials. Rustic, modern fire pits can be created from glass and iron; creativity can be brought out in paints and the shape of the pit itself. Speaking of…
  • Shape: Square, rectangle, or something a little more abstract: it all depends on what you want. Traditional fire pits are circular, although boxed shapes have increased in popularity; even fire “sculptures” have come on to the scene for a new way to enjoy the warmth. Researching other cultures may inspire you to try something you hadn’t thought of before, such as the gabbian. You may keep in mind what kind of seating is plausible around the shape you choose, but otherwise it is up to your whimsy.
  • Seating: Depending on the amount of entertaining you’re wanting to do: a larger fire pit is more accommodating to large seating arrangements as opposed to an open design. Having a fire pit as the focal point of a seating arrangement is quite common, with variations on that design including the fire pit as a coffee table. Or your fire pit may not be the center of your attention, and positioned to the side as a wall or art feature as opposed to focal point. Smaller fire pits may only warrant a few chairs, or maybe a couch or loveseat positioned to the side.
  • Additions: Sometimes, little details can make a huge difference in the area your fire pit will be in. Combining a water detail with your fire pit brings two natural elements together in a beautiful way: either a fire pit over a deck, or a fire pit ensconced in a wall that also features a water display are great ways to bring the two together. Overhead coverage allows you to enjoy your fire pit regardless of weather, and creating a sunken area for the fire pit adds a level of privacy. The smallest details can make the biggest difference, so don’t be afraid to explore!

Small but Powerful

Smaller fire pits are perfect for cozy spaces and can turn even the tiniest outdoor space into a perfect getaway. While all of the above guidelines still apply, it’s important to know how to scale down the design to fit your space. In this case, tabletop fire pits are the perfect solution to smaller spaces: it combines the warmth and focal point of the fire point with the practicality of a table. Most tabletop fire pits can be a DIY weekend project easily made from recycled materials.

If you share your outdoor space with neighbors, separate your space from theirs by positioning your seating and fire pit carefully. If you’re able to, you may also use potted plants or a small divider to turn a shared space into something completely your own.

Small details make a big difference, so don’t be afraid to combine colors and patterns to create a statement in your space. A few plants and a small water feature can complete your space, turning two chairs and a small fire pit into a backyard oasis.

Fire pits are a great way to warm up the atmosphere in your patio, so why not? Regardless of size, there’s a fire pit that’s just right for you. Explore material, color, and size options to find the perfect match, or contact us for a little help. Don’t wait: how else to enjoy Labor Day than next to a cozy fire with family and friends?