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Adding a room to your house seems like an enormous burden: full of reconstruction, a constant series of loud noises, and men in hardhats wandering throughout your home. Yet it’s also tempting, to add extra square footage to your home, whether you’re adding a sunroom, a family room, or an extra bath. Instead of simply weighing the benefits of each option on your own, we’ve broken it down for you!

To Build or Not to Build?

The first basic step in deciding whether or not this is the best option is to first consider the impact your wallet will take when undergoing such an intense remodeling project. As with most projects, the overall cost can be split into two subcategories: materials and labor.

Materials can include everything from the plywood to the plumbing and lighting fixtures, so it’s important to detail precisely what you’re wanting. The number of square feet, the type of flooring, as well as any installations you’ll need to make all need to be considered ahead of time: remember that some things, like painting and tile, can be done yourself if you’re feeling crafty. Don’t forget that sometimes, unexpected things happen: be sure to have a little extra set aside for those unpredictable Oklahoma moments.

For labor, there are two basic options: you can either hire a contractor or, if your family is especially generous, enlist the labor of friends and family. Room additions can cost upwards of $80 per square foot before wiring and plumbing, and adding the cost of a contractor can make the entire project seem daunting to you and your budget.

Finally, expect your home insurance to increase. The new room added to your home can improve curb appeal, value, and also cause a rise in your premium. If you’re uncertain about the rising costs, check with your insurance company.

Before starting, check with area contractors. Here at Southwest, we give free estimates and have contractors with over 25 years of experience. In addition, you’ll also need to check area building codes before you break ground.

Room Addition Design in Oklahoma City

Ready, Set, Build!

Once you’ve decided if adding a room to your house is right for you, the proceeding is rather easy! First, get involved with the contractor and construction crew: do they see the spherical new sunroom the way you do? Have fun when picking out the details of your new room; everything from the color and size of the tile to the paint on the walls is chosen by you, and it’s going to be there a while.

Since this room was not built originally with the house, it’s naturally going to look slightly different: the outside will naturally look newer, and the floor plan may change drastically. If you love the country feeling of your cottage, it’s recommended that you don’t get too modern with the essentials of your new room. Décor and paint color are easy to change; a triangular shape or a wall of windows looking over your neighbor’s yard is not as simple.

Prepare yourself for a few weeks (depending on the size of the addition) of loud noises as your new room is being added and for years’ worth of satisfaction once it’s completed. For a free estimate or more information on what we can do to help you improve your home, contact us online or call 405-789-1022.