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So you’re finally doing it. You’re getting that major renovation you’ve been wanting for a long time. Now, your biggest concern is how to keep the process on track.

Here are 10 home renovation planning tips.

Go Over Everything With Other Decision Makers

One of the easiest ways to knock a home renovation off-schedule is to realize you and another stakeholder (say, your spouse) are not on the same page. Don’t let this happen! Instead, talk over every aspect of the renovation, from what you hope to accomplish to which colors you’ll use in each room.

Be Realistic About Your Budget

Nothing holds up a renovation like learning you’re short on funds. Plan renovation projects you know you can afford, not the ones you hope you can.

Listen to the Contractor’s Suggestions

Maybe you’ve read every kitchen renovation magazine and blog article under the sun, but your contractor likely has the hard-earned experience you can’t match with book learning. Take note when he or she advises you that a process may take longer than expected. The contractor’s suggestions are likely right, and you should adjust your expectations.

Don’t Buy Cheap Materials

Cheap goods break, don’t work well, and make life harder, says HGTV. The investment you make in better products is always worth it.

Come Through on Your End Quickly

Whether it’s writing the check needed to begin a project or going to the home improvement store to pick the specific tile you want, knock it out. Being prompt about your responsibilities will ensure that the job gets done on time.

Ax the Words “while You’re Here … ”

There is no such thing as, “While you’re here, you might as well … ” when you’ve already decided on a budget, timeline, and specific set of renovation activities. Every time you feel the urge to up the ante, tell yourself you can always do that later.

Measure Once, Cut Twice

Especially if you decide you’re doing something yourself, follow this rule. But make sure your contractor and workers take this approach, as well. There’s no going back.

Don’t Gut if You Don’t Have To

Just don’t. It’s much worse, takes much longer, and so much more can go wrong.

Plan on a Little Bit of Chaos

Remind yourself the mess is not permanent. You may be tempted to try to work side by side with your contractor on other projects in the space where the contractor is working, but if you refrain, the workers will finish the project sooner.

Deal With Add-Ons Right Away

Add-ons are one of the biggest reasons a job gets bogged down. When workers need more supplies or face an unexpected roadblock, it costs you time and money. You can minimize both by dealing with the problem quickly and offering cash to get it done. Long negotiations only make things worse.

Home renovations kill routines and seem hectic, no two ways about it. But by following these tips, you stand a much better chance of staying on track over the long haul. After all, when your home project is complete, it will all be worth it!

If you want to have a stress-free experience, contact us to set up your dream home renovation!