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Now that December is officially here, you can’t put off the holidays anymore. Christmas music is beginning to play on every station, and lights are being hung on your neighbors’ houses. While the inside of your home may be holiday party-ready, the outside is just as important and often neglected. Forego the standard set of lights and the giant inflatable snowman for different decorations that are sure to capture Santa’s attention:

Make an Entrance

First impressions are important, so feel free to pull out all the stops here. You may choose to light the path up to your front door, or maybe dress your arches in garland and lights to create a beautiful tunnel-like entry. Trim your door in garland and small lights, or even a few red-ribbon bows and a wreath. Oversized ornaments can also make wonderful decorations for your door or window boxes. Whatever decorations you choose, add drama by choosing festive colors that contrast well against the white snow.

Opposites Attract

You know the old saying about opposites attracting, and in this case, it’s true: what’s more stunning than mixing a little fire with the ice on the ground? Instead of lighting your walkway with rope lights that get tangled, invest in a few torches and candles set in tall stands. For an easier version, punch holes through the snow, and place votive candles in. The snow will help the light reflect outwards, creating a path (or your name, or an arrow for Santa). The sharp contrast between the two mediums is definitely going to help your house stand out.

Setting the Scene

Instead of letting your picnic table or other outdoor furniture go to waste due to a little snowstorm, turn it all into a decoration. Net lighting isn’t just for hedges: put one over your picnic table to have a beautiful backyard centerpiece. Add glowing orbs and ornaments to planters, or even those old tangled Christmas lights from last year for a unique look. Let fruit freeze in your birdbath to give your flying friends a special treat while also creating a stand-out piece. Candles in red, navy, or yellow can be placed in holders with fake snow, cranberries, and even garland to create a simple display around your patio.

Recycle the Cheer

You don’t have to spend a fortune to get a beautiful outdoor display; just take a trip to your storage unit. Those old ice skates you haven’t worn in years can be added to a wreath for a fun front-door display. Old lanterns and candle holders can be used for outdoor lighting or in windows, and your tractor or old farm truck can have a new life if dressed up with a wreath or string of old lights. Old ornaments can be placed in planters or strung with a garland around your front door, and those pesky pine cones around your lawn can be gathered and transformed into centerpiece décor.

From your mailbox to your front door, a little extra holiday cheer doesn’t need to break your bank (or your back). By using what you have already, you can breathe new life into your old ornaments and patio furniture without taking it away from your holiday shopping budget. Now that the outside is as beautiful as the inside, all that’s left is hosting a holiday party to show off your creative skills! Don’t forget to invite us!