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There may be just about as many different reasons to add rooms to a current home as there are people who make this choice. The family is growing, the space wasn’t adequate, to begin with, you want to increase your home value, you want to structurally improve your home, you want to have people over to visit more and need more space. These 10 additions or expansions can make a big difference in how you look at your home.

Extra Bathroom

There are at least two reasons – #1 and #2! – to add on an extra bathroom. Parents with young children know that the righteous room is one place they can get a bit of peace and quiet away from the family. Parents with older children know that a bathroom is a place that their teenagers spend hours a day. And everyone knows that there’s no reading time quite like the kind you get on the porcelain throne.


A sunroom is one of the few places in which you can simultaneously be “outdoors” and in your bathrobe without having the cops called. You might not be able to get your vitamin D in there, but you can definitely sip a froofy salt-rimmed drink in your swimsuit without actually going to the beach.

Another Bedroom

The family continues to grow. Mothers-in-law visit . . . often. Add a room and improve everyone’s sleep.

New Kitchen

Sometimes the kitchen is just too small or inconveniently arranged. When you can’t open the door without running into the open dishwasher or hitting your head on the same cabinet every time, it might be time for Kitchen Remodeling. You could expand your existing kitchen to make room for a scenic breakfast nook. You could finally rip out/burn those 1970s-era cabinets.

Dining Room

Maybe dinner has become a standing-room-only affair. Maybe the last time you had guests over, somebody asked you where the “real” dining room was. Expanding or revamping your existing dining room can open up your whole house and make you more likely to throw the dinner parties that you’ve already planned out on Pinterest.

Living Room 2.0

There’s a difference between a den and a living room, as any southern nana will tell you. Relegate video games, bean bags, and kids’ friends to the former; designate the latter adults only – and enjoy your formerly neglected bar cart and art collection.

New Garage

If you live in an older home, you might have a charming but outdated carriage porch – that is, no real garage at all. Spare yourself the hailstorm anxiety and keep your tools hidden away from neighbors’ view. A garage adds real estate value, storage, and a space for your growing museum of oddities.


Not every home has a basement. Older homes, homes in rocky climates, and homes built by people who thought they didn’t need a basement might be lacking precious underground space. Totally respectable and real studies show that people with basements tend to have more hobbies and less embarrassing stuff in their actual living quarters.

Swimming Pool

For families that enjoy spending time outside, and spending time together and with friends, a swimming pool is a magnet to get people to congregate. Pools are also excellent for people who like to be left alone and must go underwater to do so.

Mudroom or Utility Room

Much like gaseous substances, the stuff in your home will fill the space it’s given. You might not remember buying that third pair of gardening Wellies, but there they are! Adding onto an existing utility room – or adding on a new one – can help you put your clutter all in one place.

Adding onto a house adds financial value to a home – and more importantly, adding or expanding a room helps you maintain your sanity. Until you need more even more room, that is!